About Us

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Education is the most important part of our life. We all are the needy of best education in our town and in area.

Motto – “Illuminating intelect with high immortality.” Our Motto is to illuminate our student intellects. Also lead them from untruth from Darkness to light so that they are able to achieve their goal in the ray of immortality.

To look beyond horizon of student life to aspire for a future that is devoid of strife to be the champions of honesty, tolerance, compassion, and love in this turbulent world. Every child should get their dream come true by receiving education in their life.

The school emission much better progress and development in education to enlighten the students by importing then better opportunities of education , values , co-curricular activities and providing many more advancement of technologies in their life.

About Us :
Our School is a temple of learning and learning enhance a child’s growth into a well built person. R.B.P High school was established in 30 Jan 2001. The foundation was laid by our respected Mr. Arjun Munda. Now the school attempt to develop it in a full fledge school. This school may sound like may other school but it has its own speciality in it which make it different from any other school. Initially it has started with more 5 Children any 4 rooms. No one knew about this school nor this school have its own building. It has taken10 years for the school to come to limelight in the surrounding of the area Bagun nagar. The school has not turned back yet marching forward towards its destination successfully. Now the school has attained to the level height where it has three storeyed building with all the facilities of labs, library with well equipped books and other study materials. Computer lab with many computers. It has many Specious class rooms. Where our sincere dedicated teachers impart the knowledge of education with moralities. The school is forwarding with highly encouraging spirit of team work inculcating the dignity of labor self respect and low of others in life.

Our School is divided into 4 houses. They are
* Ruby (Red)- ruby symbolizes courage that the bravery or the quality that enables men to meet dangers without fear.
* Diamond (Blue) – Diamond symbolizes healthiness that is keeping one fit i.e. in a state of good health and the ability to overcome any fear.
* Opal (seven color) – Opal is sign of stillness or quiet nature. It means having full control on oneself whatever the situation is.
* Coral (white) – coral is a sign of concentration having ability to concertrate and focus on a particular matter very sharply and having high determination to catch its goal.
These four houses are the four important pillars of R.B.PH.S as they link with each other and give a special quality to our school.

Why Choose R B P High School

Our Objectives :
The R.B.P HIGH SCHOOL aims at imparting education through the medium of English with equal emphasis on a proper formal education and the learning of The English language, rather than only the latter, as prevalent in some schools. The purpose of such education will be arose in the child a questioning mind so that each student feels the need for education from within thus quickly and happily imbibes whatever is taught to him. Thus, it is hoped, it will develop them into intelligent healthy, active citizens with A sense of value which will enable them to stand on their own in the world. The efforts require a tremendous amount of co-operation and support to the child from family and NOT from the usual tutor as is the custom now.

Our AIM :
The aim of the school is to provide students, irrespective of creed, caste and place of origin a solid well rounded formation for life as truly integrated personalities, capable of shouldering responsibilities towards God, their country, their families and their fellowmen. And also provide every student a smooth platform and bright career to tackle the upcoming challenges of life and make their life comfortable in the long run of life, with honesty and enthusiasm.