R.B.P. means Regular Best Performance.

“Learning develops the mind” so education is the first demand for every child. So, it is our supreme duty to provide better quality of education to the children. Our school provides a high quality education both physical as well as online classes. Due to covid-19 we all are struggling. As the situation not to handle physical classes. But everything can’t wait. So to cope up with present situation, online classes are the best option for child’s growth. R.B.P. High school provides its students a safe whatsapp based online classes. Since it is a virtual class where students can communicate with their teachers through voice massages and by texting. Also can watch and read at their comfortable time. Here students can solve their problems and excel in their work at home for a better future.

We care for each and every learner.

That the conventional schooling system is going through disruption and evaluation because of covid-19. As it is so challenging for parents as well as the learners to adapt this new form of teaching and learning. R.B.P. High School continuously trying its best to master the required formula to cater to the learning need children.

We bring to each and every learner hope, comfort, safety and smiles. We do our best to ensure that our students stay safe and protected.

So choose the safest school for your wards.

Our Salient Features :

•Proficient Teachers, excellent computer education in our school computer lab

• Peaceful Library with abundance of books

• No Re-admission charge and no Maintenance charge.

• Facility of Smart class.

• Comfortable classrooms.

• Hundred percent results in C.B.S.E as well as JAC Board.

• Very low fee structure.

• Providing healthy environment through sports. Since 20 years it is progressing towards its destination successfully.