Admission Process

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Motto – “Illuminating intelect with high immortality.” Our Motto is to illuminate our student intellects. Also lead them from untruth from Darkness to light so that they are able to achieve their goal in the ray of immortality.

1. Admission to the school is open to all candidates irrespective of cast. Creed and socio-economical background admission is subject to merit and vacancy.
2. Students are ordinarily admitted only at the beginning of the school year.
3. For admission to any class they must pass entrance test.
4. A candidate who has attended a recognized school can not be admitted without a transfer certificate from the school last attended and should have gained promotion to the class in which are being admitted.
5. The date of birth and the name of the student should be entered in the prescribed admission from by the parent/ guardian strictness is observed in the matter of age and no cast will be considered for admission unless proper documentary evidence of date of birth is produced along with the admission form.

A student must be in school in time to be ready for the assembly held 10 minutes before the class running. The school gates will be closed as soon as assembly beings and students who come late will not be allowed to attend the classes for that day. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to see their children during school hours. In case of emergency they should meet the principal only. Students are not allowed to bring money or any costly articles. 90% attendance is compulsory for each and every student.

At least Thirty Days notice be given to the principal in written before a student is withdrawn, failing which a monthly fees will be required to be paid lieu there of this applies of students leaving at the end of an academic session too. Application for transfer certificate should be applied with on week of leaving school. A transfer certificate will be issued only when all dues to the school hav Been paid and the schools library books and property returned. Transfer certificate will not be issued to students who have left the school Without informing.

Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline In the school Parents/Guardians are requested to co-operate in this with the Authorities of the school by insisting on regular attendance and punctuality or their children. Irregular attendance unjustified or unexplained absence, habitual late- coming, idleness, disobediences in morality, dishonesty or objectionable behavior of any kind serious in sub ordination disrespect towards the school authorities. Constitute sufficient granules for the authorities to resort the disciplinary action and hence many result in removal of the student from the school. Student are reminded to address their teachers and all the members of the Staff with due respect and politeness. On their way to from the school they are expected to behave in an orderly manner and with due honor to the name of the instruction. The authorities lay much emphasis on the wearing the prescribed school uniform, attendance, correct English speech and healthy habits in work and action. Which the decision of the Principal is final in all disciplinary matters serious Cases are first referred to a committee of teachers for necessary investigation.

Why Choose R B P High School

Our Objectives :
The R.B.P HIGH SCHOOL aims at imparting education through the medium of English with equal emphasis on a proper formal education and the learning of The English language, rather than only the latter, as prevalent in some schools. The purpose of such education will be arose in the child a questioning mind so that each student feels the need for education from within thus quickly and happily imbibes whatever is taught to him. Thus, it is hoped, it will develop them into intelligent healthy, active citizens with A sense of value which will enable them to stand on their own in the world. The efforts require a tremendous amount of co-operation and support to the child from family and NOT from the usual tutor as is the custom now.

Our AIM :
The aim of the school is to provide students, irrespective of creed, caste and place of origin a solid well rounded formation for life as truly integrated personalities, capable of shouldering responsibilities towards God, their country, their families and their fellowmen. And also provide every student a smooth platform and bright career to tackle the upcoming challenges of life and make their life comfortable in the long run of life, with honesty and enthusiasm.