Our Successful Team

We Thankful to our Succesful Team Members

Motto – “Illuminating intelect with high immortality.” Our Motto is to illuminate our student intellects. Also lead them from untruth from Darkness to light so that they are able to achieve their goal in the ray of immortality.

To look beyond horizon of student life to aspire for a future that is devoid of strife to be the champions of honesty, tolerance, compassion, and love in this turbulent world. Every child should get their dream come true by receiving education in their life.

The school emission much better progress and development in education to enlighten the students by importing then better opportunities of education , values , co-curricular activities and providing many more advancement of technologies in their life.

Our Teachers and Staff Members

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Tandra Sarkar, Vice Principal Anjan Dutta, Office Staff Priyanka, Teacher Jyotsna, Caretaker

Bijaya bose, Cordinator Laxmi Sahu Shashi kala Devi Usha Rani Srivastav
Birendra Sharma Reena Paul D.Usha Rani Sanjit kr. Verma
M. Shankar Rao